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Talking About The Elephant In The Room

It is not easy taking about difficult situations with others. I remember in 1996, the year my sister was dying. She was in the hospital and I stopped by the store to buy her some flowers and a helium-filled ballon. I looked up at the balloons and they read: "Get Well Soon". Well I knew she was terminally ill and did not think "get well soon" was the right thing to say.

In that moment, "More than anything, I wish I could have found and given her a balloon that read: "I am going to miss you so much. I am so sad that you are dying." I have thought of this situation so many times (throughout the years) and wonder (to myself) are individuals today missing the opportunity to say to their (terminally ill) love ones what is heavy in their heart and on their minds.

It would serve such a purpose for the heaviness in the room to give way to an overflow of emotions from the person dying of a terminal illness and the love ones bearing witness to the death of a love one. A space would be created so great it would allow all parties involved to openly, and honestly take advantage of the opportunity to talk about unfinished business, hopes, and dreams, including saying, "Good-Bye".

Acknowledging the heaviness in the room and Normalizing and Talking opening about death and dying would soothe the souls of many.

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